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Vancouver Gardens – Manor Guest House

As I look out my window on this rainy January day in Vancouver I think of the beautiful,  brightly-coloured gifts this rain will bring. All the tender shoots of crocuses and snowdrops are bravely pushing their heads above the ground and in just a matter of days we’ll see the riotous colours of crocus flowers contrasted by the pure white of the snow drops.

Shortly after that the yellow daffodils and tulips of dark and light shades will make an appearance, flanked by fragrant hyacinths and narcissus, and showy primrose flowers which form the centrepieces for their collars of bright green leaves. Our camelia tree which is over 100 years old will bring forth hundreds of bright pink rose-like blooms in such abundance that when the wind carelessly tosses them on the ground they just add to this magnificent still life portrait. And that’s when we get busy in earnest at the Manor Guest House to prepare our gardens for summer.


We’ll plant about 12 different varieties of dahlias, our signature flower which always form a part of our daily bouquets, and which never fail to elicit the most “oohs” and “ahs”. In addition to planting all the herbs we use in cooking every day – parsley, coriander, mint,  oregano, sage,  thyme, basil, rosemary, lemon balm, lavender – to name just a few – this year we are planting from seed 4 different varieties of heirloom red and yellow tomatoes, and peppers of every size, shape, and colour. Of course we use these tomatoes and peppers in the preparation of our famous Manor Guest House buffet breakfasts.

And then we will let Nature take its course as we impatiently await the arrival of the generous perennials: our huge yellow irises, black, red, and green ornamental grasses,  oh-so-fragrant red and yellow roses, huge tuber begonias in multi colours, fragrant pink phlox, red crocosmia, and purple rhododendrons. And as creatures of impulse, we may add anything that strikes our fancy.

So let it rain because we know what beautiful results it will bring to the gardens at the Manor Guest House.