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May 23, 2014 / News | Testimonials

Once again Trip Advisor has awarded the Manor Guest House in Vancouver, British Columbia their coveted Award of Excellence. We at the Manor Guest House want to thank all our guests who took the time and made the effort to sing our praises.

And to those guests who have not yet done so, we offer encouragement not to be bashful! In a more serious vein, it is a reward we are honoured to receive and we take it seriously. We see it as a wonderful validation that all our efforts, which we make wholeheartedly, are appreciated. Firstly, people comment on the house and its location.

Built in approximately 1902 in the Edwardian style,  the Manor Guest House is one of the oldest restored houses in Vancouver. There is a special ambiance created in this grand old house with its original hardwood floors, dark wood panelling, stained glass windows, and spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows that actually open. And being located within sight but not within sound of downtown Vancouver, means that our guests can enjoy the tranquility of one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods, while being in walking distance of downtown Vancouver with all that it has to offer. People consistently comment on our buffet breakfasts.

From the time we first opened our doors as a bed and breakfast in Vancouver in 1993, we have prided ourselves on serving healthful, made from scratch vegetarian dishes. As the summer progresses we use the freshest of ingredients, picked directly from our own vegetable and herb gardens. We happily cater to guests with special dietary needs – vegan, gluten free, kosher – to name those that are requested the most frequently. In addition, our eternally creative Red Seal chef, David, proudly boasts that he will never make the same thing twice – even if you are staying with us for 10 days! Take him up on the challenge and see for yourself.

And if you are a dedicated weight watcher, we always offer low calorie options. But we won’t tell if temptation gets the better of you and you indulge in one of our “richer” offerings. People also rave about our gardens. From the beginning we removed all the grass which requires constant use of chemicals and pesticides to maintain, and planted organic perennial gardens, with both many local plants as well as more exotic ones.

So at the moment for example, you will see our large windmill palm tree in full flower in the front garden. You’ll see our lush Oriental poppies, and our decadently flowering clamatis, as well as our huge yellow irises. And our vegetable and herb gardens are off to a good start with several different colours and varieties of tomatoes, peppers, Swiss chards, cucumbers and zucchini, and herbs such as rosemary, oregano, basil, parsley, dill, sage, thyme, lovage and fennel. The gardens are always full of lovely surprises because they do change almost daily. With our beautifully landscaped front and back decks and patios, they are a dreamy place in which to relax, and just enjoy the moment.

Thank you again to Trip Advisor and everyone who recommended us. At the Manor Guest House always strive to provide the high standards for which we are known.  


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