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Breakfast in Bed (& Breakfast!)

May 19, 2013 / News | What to do in Vancouver


A wonderful aroma permeates the Manor Guest House this morning as the chef begins making his batch of homemade granola. Whole oats sprinkled with honey and coconut sugar (a healthier, natural sweetener he’s found,) along with the nutty fragrance of pecans and almonds roasting in the oven.

The chef leafs through his newfound cookbooks pondering for ideas for sweet and savoury dishes, new fangled muffins, and other assorted goodies to add to the healthy buffet breakfasts served each morning.


 The Manor Guest House has always been vegetarian except for the traditional smoked salmon served on Sundays, which is always welcomed by their guests. Usually served on warmed bagel halves, with garden fresh dill, briny capers, chopped red onion and citrusy lemon zest. These smoky delicacies are offered with farm fresh scrambled eggs and enjoyed by the guests.

Sometimes the chef may decide to whip up a Smoked Salmon & Potato Bake drizzled with a decadent Hollandaise sauce.

 The Manor Guest House has also made the conscious decision to incorporate gluten free pancakes and loaves in to its cornucopia of choices for breakfast – their aim: to accommodate the rising health issues that result from allergies and specific diets and to offer more choices to someone with diet restrictions.

The Manor offers various places within the household to gather for the wonderful breakfasts served each morning…Patio-Breakfast1

…be it on the glass-roofed back patio


a family gathering around the main kitchen table…

or if a more tranquil start to your day is desired The Manor also offers the formal dining room where cool jazz or classical music is played.



The Manor’s garden hosts various heirloom tomatoes, fresh green, yellow and red peppers, kale, spinach, assorted lettuces and strawberries. Also growing in the garden are fresh herbs; basil, rosemary, garlic chives, mint and lemon thyme that eventually enhance the chef’s dishes such as Spinach, Brie and Caramelized Onion Frittata, Italian Herb, Tomato and Feta Scrambled Eggs, or an Omelet made with various garden fresh ingredients that you can chose from.

A healthy, nutritious breakfast and a good time is The Manor’s goal for our guests each morning before they head out into the city to discover the many adventures and attractions awaiting them in Vancouver.